The Industrial Transformation Research Hub for Offshore Floating Facilities (OFFshore ITRH) is a multi-disciplinary research initiative jointly funded by industry and the Australian Research Council. We are collaborating on the critical engineering challenges faced by offshore oil and gas projects by creating improved design and operating procedures. We are based at the University of Western Australia, with a node at Western Sydney University.


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Late last year a number of personnel changes occurred within the ITRH for Offshore Floating Facilities (OFFshore), injecting new excitement into an already energized group of industry focused UWA-based researchers. Phil Watson was appointed as the new Director of the OFFshore ITRH. Phil joined UWA from Fugro-AG where he was the Global Director of GeoConsulting….

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Primary Objective
The OFFshore ITRH will tackle critical engineering challenges for offshore oil and gas projects, spanning both design and operations
The OFFshore ITRH is comprised of five interlinked multi-disciplinary projects covering a range of problems from the seabed to the ocean surface
The OFFshore ITRH unites a world-class team of researchers across the full spectrum of offshore engineering spanning metocean, hydrodynamics and geotechnics, brought together by statistics, reliability and asset management.
The OFFshore ITRH is jointly funded by the Australian Research Council, Shell Australia, Woodside Energy, Bureau Veritas and Lloyds Register.
The OFFshore ITRH will utilize and expand the world-leading experimental facilities at UWA to meet the demands of the research program, and will develop new techniques to gather field data from the open ocean and from operating floating facilities.